Credentialing: Does It Give You an Edge?

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It’s common knowledge that employers look at a variety of factors, such as academic background and prior work experience, during the recruiting process. But how much attention do they pay to certifications?

Well, as a CNN article points out, credentials do play a significant role in the hiring process and are particularly important today, given the uber-competitive marketplace. In fact, one recruiter was quoted in the article as saying: “Especially in today’s business climate, anything that differentiates you from the crowd and emphasizes your commitment to your profession is career critical.”

That, of course, includes certifications. Contrary to popular opinion, certifications are relevant in fields other than traditional IT. Today, professionals in areas such as public relations are adding one or more certifications to their resumes to try to give themselves an advantage over the competition.

What do you think: Do certifications really give individuals an edge, or is this a myth? Have you personally benefited from having an acronym after your name?

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