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Virtual Disk has released Virtual Disk v. 2.11, a handy Windows utility that saves time and eliminates frustration by making it simple to organize your files and folders. Without moving or copying any of your files, Virtual Disk organizes them onto virtual folders and lets you manage them conveniently in one place.<br /><br />Simply create a virtual disk with its own drive-letter, and drag and drop your important files and folders into it. Virtual Disk does not need to copy the original files. Instead, it creates pointers to your original files, similar to Windows shortcuts, but faster, more convenient and more efficient.<br /><br />You can share your virtual disk with other users on the network. To bring files or folders with you on a business trip, simply copy them to a USB thumb drive or burn them to a CD or DVD. All Windows programs can access your virtual disk files as if they were your original files. If you no longer need a virtual drive that you had been using, simply erase it, and all of your original files remain safe and sound in their original locations on your various drives and partitions.<br /><br />Virtual Disk can organize files across the LAN for the entire project team. Members of the team no longer have to worry about finding files that are loaded on shared network folders. Instead, all critical files are centrally located, and can be accessed easily using the team&#39;s favorite Windows applications. Virtual Disk eliminates frustration and wasted time that used to be spent searching for files and folders on the LAN.<br /><br />Whether you&#39;re a businessperson who needs instant access to files that are scattered across multiple drives and folders, a salesperson who has to be able to grab critical files and share them with colleagues at a moment&#39;s notice, a project manager who needs to make important files available to everybody on the team or a home user who wants to save time and frustration by having important files and folders in a single, convenient location, Virtual Disk has the tools you need.<br /><br />Virtual Disk v. 2.11 runs under Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7, costs $29.95 for a single-user license and may be purchased securely online from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. <br />

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