Create and Maintain Active Directory Objects

These questions are based on 70-640 – TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring
Self Test Software Practice Test

Objective: Create and maintain Active Directory objects.
Sub-objective: Configure GPO templates.

Single answer, multiple-choice

You are the network administrator of your company. All servers on the network run Windows Server 2008. The company’s network consists of a single Active Directory domain, and the client computers all run Windows Vista.

You create some custom ADMX language-specific files on your Windows Vista administrative workstation. You want to copy all language-specific ADML files to the central store on the domain controller to ensure the ADML files are automatically available to all Group Policy administrators in the domain. Which tool can you use to perform this task?

  1. Ntdsutil.exe.
  2. Group Policy Object Editor.
  3. Xcopy.exe.
  4. Group Policy Management Console.

C. Xcopy.exe.

You can use the Xcopy.exe tool to copy ADML files from your Windows Vista administrative workstation to the central store on the domain controller. The ADMX files are language-neutral resource files. The other type of registry-based policy settings are known as ADML files, which are language-specific resource files. ADMX and ADML files replace the ADM files that were used in earlier versions of Windows. To ensure ADMX files are recognized by Group Policy tools, such as GPMC and Group Policy Object Editor, you must be running a Windows Vista-based or Windows Server 2008-based computer. ADMX files are not stored in individual Group Policy…



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