CPP Releases Myers-Briggs Tool

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<p><strong>Mountain View, Calif. &mdash; March 8</strong><br />CPP Inc., a provider of research, training and organizational development tools, has released MBTI Complete, the genuine Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) instrument available online and packaged with a gold-standard interactive basic interpretation. </p><p>Using MBTI Complete, HR professionals spend less time interpreting personality assessment results and more time improving organizational performance. </p><p>This online product boosts training effectiveness by automating training participants&rsquo; introduction to personality type. <br />&nbsp;<br />&ldquo;MBTI Complete will streamline deployment of the assessment for organizations currently using the Myers-Briggs tool,&rdquo; Jeff Hayes, CPP co-president, said. &ldquo;It frees practitioners from having to provide in-person interpretations, allowing them to instead spend that time with clients applying type knowledge to their situation. </p><p>&quot;Practitioners contribute tremendous value to clients and work teams with their insight and individualized development counseling. MBTI Complete enables them to get to the heart of the matter faster.&rdquo;<br /><br />MBTI Complete offers a clear advantage to HR professionals and type practitioners who want to focus on applying type knowledge to improve team and individual performance without spending large amounts of time on administering and interpreting the assessment. </p><p>In cases in which some members of a group already know their four-letter type, MBTI Complete can quickly bring the remainder up to the same level of understanding.<br /><br />MBTI Complete also guarantees that a standard interpretation is delivered to each client, which puts all participants on a level playing field prior to any type application exercise. </p><p>&ldquo;Clients who take MBTI Complete are ready to hit the ground running and start using their results immediately,&rdquo; said Patrick Kerwin, MBTI practitioner and principal of Kerwin &amp; Associates. &ldquo;MBTI Complete allows me to focus a career-counseling session or training workshop on the application of the MBTI instrument to address substantive career and organizational issues my clients face.&rdquo;</p>

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