CourseAvenue Expands Hybrid E-Learning

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<p><strong>Warrenville, Ill. &mdash; Jan. 8</strong><br />CourseAvenue, a provider of learning content authoring systems and learning integration services, announced the availability of CourseAvenue Version 3.0. This new release expands the collaborative functionality CourseAvenue brings to e-learning development teams at organizations around the world. New hybrid e-learning features allow customization of off-the-shelf courseware in an easy-to-use, hosted environment. With this release, CourseAvenue proudly introduces Syndication Manager, providing e-learning content publishers access to an entirely new e-learning supply-chain system.<br /><br />&ldquo;The notion of hybrid e-learning and use of Syndication Manager is more than product marketing positioning; it is happening today with some of the most advanced companies in the world.&rdquo; said Joe Gorup, CourseAvenue CEO. &ldquo;Enabling consumer organizations to edit their purchased content is clearly a step forward for the industry. With CourseAvenue, the complete &#39;e-learning supply chain&#39; is enabled, from content creators to content aggregators, and onto the consumer organizations.&rdquo;<br /><br />Through CourseAvenue&rsquo;s hybrid development approach, content publishers are now able to identify specific elements of off-the-shelf courses as consumer editable, allowing that content to be tailored to an organization&rsquo;s individual needs. Typical examples of this type of consumer editable content are welcome and introduction messages from the leader of an organization, or a personalized case study that fits an organization&rsquo;s unique conditions or experiences. Through CourseAvenue&rsquo;s simple yet robust editing environment, content publishers can easily lock down content that is essential to ensure that compliance and legal regulation information remain in the course.<br /><br />CourseAvenue&rsquo;s newest enhancement is Syndication Manager, an important syndication and publication module that provides e-learning content publishers access to the entire e-learning supply-chain system. CourseAvenue&rsquo;s hybrid e-learning functionality is fully realized when content publishers are able to syndicate courses to other organizations, who can then customize the courses and publish them to their individual learning management systems. As high-quality training content becomes crucial to the success of organizations of all sizes, the ability to utilize off-the-shelf courseware customized to meet their individual needs becomes increasingly important. </p>

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