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If you’re an IT student headed back to school, here’s a bit of good news for you: By the time you graduate, the job market could be significantly friendlier.

According to various reports, the demand for IT professionals is growing. Forrester Research recently advised that vendors “get prepared for a strong tech recovery in late 2009 and 2010,” while an ITPro article reported a 25 percent increase in demand for IT professionals in July. The same ITPro article also cited a 27 percent decline in the amount of applications for each opening, “which CV Screen claimed showed that IT pros were securing jobs faster,” according to the article.

Within the field of IT, there are certain areas that are particularly “hot” right now. These are specialties you may want to consider as you select courses for the upcoming school year.

One such area is health care. As CertMag reported in March, a doctor at Oregon Health and Science University found in a 2008 study that “the U.S. will need at least 40,000 additional health care IT professionals” to maximize investments from the most recent economic stimulus bill, while The Buffalo News reported that the bill would “create tens of thousands of jobs in information technology, informatics and other computer-related industries.” If this is an area you can see yourself working in, you may want to sign up for related classes and aim for the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS) credential.

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