Cost-Effective Staffing on IT Projects

The economic downturn is forcing numerous companies to cut costs, and as a result, many are looking to streamline their investments in IT. For this reason, staffing services provider Veritude recently published a report titled “Staffing An IT Project? Five Steps for Savvy Sourcing and Recruiting” that outlines a few key steps to create and build an IT team cost-effectively.

“It’s fair to conclude and assume that if an industry is getting hit hard, expense reductions in IT are clearly taking place as they are in other parts of the company,” said Tom Hart, executive vice president of client management, talent acquisition, operations and technology at Veritude.

IT spending typically is divided into two categories: tactical and strategic. “Tactical spending” refers to the basic operational costs of running the company: “keeping the heat on, the lights on and the place running,” according to Hart. Employers rarely alter or skimp on tactical spending, he said.

By default, that means the strategic spending is at risk during this period of recession.

 “The first thing [organizations] do is heavily scrutinize large projects [because] typically large projects are very strategic, forward-thinking, major deals for a company,” Hart said. “When there’s a lot of pressure, you’ll actually see companies spending money with third parties to evaluate strategic needs.

“[They] are bringing in management consultants and technical consultants and saying, ‘Take a look at this. We’re getting ready to spend $50 million here; what do you think? Do you think there are other options?…



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