Corporate Legacy Data in IBM’s DB2 Gets Freedom With ‘Certified on DB2′ Compliant JPA

San Francisco — March 26
Thought Inc., “The Dynamic O/R Mapping Company,” announces “Certified on DB2″ compliant JPA in the new release of version 5.2 of CocoBase, an object to relational mapping solution. The CocoBase Solution is specifically focused on delivering high-performance certified JPA & POJO Data Persistence for Enterprise Development.

CocoBase v5.2 includes a full and complete certification of both the required and optional JPA specification requirements. CocoBase JPA has been specifically tested and certified on the IBM DB2 relational database. This was important because customers use CocoBase with DB2 on mission-critical, legacy-based systems that are required to operate in an expected manner.

The Java Persistence API (JPA) specification, as a subset of the JSR-220 EJB3, is now the industry standard programming set of commands for persisting data in corporate applications. The key development challenge that often constrains the use of or access to legacy-system data is how different the dated database structures are from current data models. They often lack structures such as constraints and relationships required by modern programming approaches.

CocoBase's highly flexible ORM architecture easily maps these outdated systems onto current application data models for what can be referred to as a virtual data model or business model. This makes the CocoBase Solution, when combined with IBM's DB2 database, a clear and easy path to extending the strategic use of legacy investments into modern business initiatives to increase profitability while creating compelling competitive advantages.

“We are excited that companies with limited usability…



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