Corporate Counseling Associates Adds 27 EAP

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; March 14</strong><br />Within the past six months, Corporate Counseling Associates (CCA) has gained seven clients for its EAP and work-life consulting services, while adding 10 clients each to its executive coaching and training services. &nbsp;<br /><br />Senior managers attribute CCA&rsquo;s rapid growth to its commitment to an intensive case management and consultative approach, maintaining a strict focus on an organization&rsquo;s performance strategy. <br /><br />&ldquo;We&rsquo;ve structured our services to further the goals of organizations, not just those of individual workers or departments,&rdquo; said Georgia Critsimilios, vice president of sales and marketing. &quot;I think companies that understand the value of that approach are responding.&rdquo;<br /><br />The seven new clients for CCA&rsquo;s EAP and work-life services comprise a range of industries and services. They include a provider of dental products, a manufacturing giant, a financial services management firm, several nonprofits and a cable television network.<br /><br />In addition, 10 clients have been added to CCA&rsquo;s executive coaching service (CCA Coaching) in the past quarter, representing industry leaders in financial services, life insurance, art museums, universities and more.&nbsp; </p><p>CCA helps managers and executives in these companies develop and refine their leadership skills, learn more effective communication styles, and build and manage effective teams. </p><p>Other coaching work revolves around sharpening managers&#39; &ldquo;self-brand&rdquo; to prepare them for new internal roles and onboarding senior executives to new positions.<br /><br />Lastly, 10 clients were added to CCA Learning &amp; Development. They include higher education, securities, financial institutions, community services, a major art museum and a publisher of science and health information. </p><p>Training topics include solving performance problems, enhancing communication skills, being politically savvy, and polishing a professional image. </p><p>New clients also are being trained in enhancing morale and work performance, diversity and cultural awareness, management skills and performance management. <br /><br />The CCA philosophy guides not only the company&rsquo;s EAP and work-life services but also its employee development, executive coaching and consultative wellness services. </p><p>The company achieves a deeper understanding of its clients by employing a professional team with strong business and clinical backgrounds, and strategic account teams work to understand client organizations and their business goals.<br /><br />&ldquo;Our vision is to help people improve their performance,&rdquo; said Steve Salee, vice president of consultative services. &ldquo;CCA&rsquo;s combination of clinical and business expertise positions us as more than just a benefit &mdash; we&rsquo;re a trusted business partner and adviser.&rdquo;</p>

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