Continuing Certification Requirement for CNEs

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Novell Announces Continuing Certification Requirement for CNEs

Novell has announced a new continuing certification requirement for its
Certified Novell Engineers (CNEs). All CNEs who want to keep receiving
benefits must upgrade their status to NetWare 6 by Oct. 31, 2003. Novell
will allow people who don’t upgrade to continue calling themselves CNEs,
but warns that these folks will not receive benefits, and if inquiries
are made as to their certification status, Novell will inform the
inquirer that the CNE has not upgraded their certification.



Since the introduction of the Certified NetWare Engineer (since renamed
Certified Novell Engineer) certification in 1989, Novell has
occasionally introduced continuing certification requirements (CCRs) in
order to guarantee that its certificants are up-to-date on the latest
Novell technologies. The last CCR introduced by the program covered
NetWare 5 in 1998.    



CNEs plan, install, configure, troubleshoot and upgrade services for
networks. CNE candidates must have knowledge of platform environments
and local operating system concepts before taking on the required exams.



For existing CNEs certified on NetWare 4 and intraNetWare, there is a
single upgrade exam required to become NetWare 6 CNEs: #050-678. NetWare
5 CNEs also must pass a single exam to meet the CCR: #050-676. Courses
to prepare for the upgrade exams are available in both self-study and
instructor-led formats. CNEs must meet the CCR requirement in order to
retain access to their benefits, including access to CNENet,
certification forums, technical support discounts and more.



For new entrants into the CNE program, there are five required exams:



* #050-677, Foundations of Novell Networking (Course 3001)
* #050-681, Novell Network Management: NetWare 6 (Course 3004)
* #050-682, Advanced Novell Network Management: NetWare 6 (Course
3005, in development)
* #050-664, Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation (Course 575)
* #050-662, Desktop Management with ZENworks for Desktops 3 (Course



Novell certification exams are available at VUE and Prometric testing
centers. For more information on Novell certification, see Reports on 2002 ‘State of the Techie’

If you are wondering what IT path to follow, whether you’re new to the
industry or you have years of experience, has a resource to
help you figure it out. released the ‘2002 State of the
Techie Address,” a 10-section, 40-page report on IT careers and



“Two and a half years into the worst economy since the depression, the
fallout continues, and the collective tech community is wondering what
the future holds and how they fit,” says Paul Cronin, president of, in the executive summary of the Address. “This fantastic
Address marks the beginning of our efforts at to help the
tech community better use our knowledge as power, to bring them closer
together, to build a first-class ‘career network.'”



The Address was sponsored by Books 24×7, Capella University and TimeLife
Inc., and it includes a series of IT career industry reports taken from research conducted from April to October 2002. The
information in the Address comes from member surveys, database queries
and interviews with U.S. IT professionals.



The Address covers a myriad of topics that will answer many of your IT
career questions: recent trends for techies, the IT industry and
employers and recruiters, the outlook for late 2002 and early 2003, ways
techies can adapt to change, the best employers, salary and bonus
information, profession and gender breakouts, updates on the recent Tech
Skills Demand Index, training preferences, the changing value of
certifications, emerging professions and hot sub-industries and how your
job function controls you. 



“In any community, knowledge is power,” states Cronin in the executive
summary. “With your help, has an abundance of knowledge we
want to share with you so we can come together as a tech community.”



To read the “2002 State of the Techie Address,” go to



Exam Cram Web Site Launched

You might recall the recent news that Que Publishing had acquired the
popular Exam Cram book series. Well, now a complementary Web site has
been launched that will help aspiring IT professionals prove their
technical skill. The new site,, acts as a
“certification information clearinghouse” for IT professionals looking
for help in getting ready for their certification exams.



The Web site was launched on Dec. 2, 2002, and it offers a combination
of tools, techniques, news and other information to help you through the
certification experience. The site features free practice exams, online
chats with your IT professional peers and experts on certification
topics, a question-of-the-day online newsletter that covers a variety of
test questions, discounts on training books, career information and job



Ed Tittel, the contributing editor for Certification Magazine who
created the original Exam Cram series, was recently named series editor
for Exam Cram2 and the Que Certification Training Guides. Tittel will
also oversee the new Web site. “I want this site to be driven by the
needs of test-takers,” said Tittel. “We will encourage our site visitors
to provide us feedback so we can
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