Contact Center, Agent Optimization Considered Top Investment Priority Over Next Three Years

<p><strong>London &mdash; May 17</strong><br />A survey of contact center professionals conducted by independent market analyst Datamonitor reveals contact center and contact center agent optimization are viewed as key investment priorities over the next three years. </p><p>According to the report, &ldquo;Contact Center Markets &amp; Technology &mdash; Technology Evolution,&rdquo; pressure on contact center managers to do more (services) with less (budget) is increasing the demand for optimization technologies. </p><p>According to Datamonitor, as vendors look to develop multicomponent solutions, effective integration and partnering will become a necessity taking vendors a step closer toward performance management solutions. </p><p>In turn, the complexity of deploying such solutions will create a bigger role for professional services.<br /><br />Datamonitor&rsquo;s report highlights the way contact centers are improving customer service through greater efficiency, using a range of optimization technologies. </p><p>The report considers the role these technologies can play in delivering superior customer services from contact centers.<br /><br /> Contact centers are trying to move away from day-to-day fire fighting and are looking to longer-term improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer interactions.<br /><br />Workforce optimization technologies can help. These solutions form component parts of an interlocking and interdependent solution chain for contact centers and related back-office functions. </p><p>Their aim is two-fold: to improve the efficiency of contact center operations and to maximize the effectiveness of contact center agents working to serve customers.<br /><br />Workforce optimization technology solutions fall under four broad categories:</p><ul><li>Quality monitoring, the recording and analysis of telephone and data interactions between customer and agent.</li><li>Workforce management,…



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