Configuring the Domain Name System (DNS)

These questions are based on 70-648 – TS: Upgrading Your MCSA on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008, Technology Specialist.

Objective: Configuring the Domain Name System (DNS)
Sub-Objective: Configure zones

Single Answer, Multiple Choice

You are the systems administrator for Verigon Corp. The company has one main office and two branch offices named Branch1 and Branch2. Each office has its own Active Directory domain named, and, respectively. The client computers in each office use the Active Directory integrated Domain Name System (DNS) for internal name resolution.

The company is closing its Branch2 office. You want to delete the DNS zone for Branch2 from the DNS server named Branch2DNS. You want to ensure that the zone is deleted from Active Directory. Which command should you run?

  1. Dnscmd Branch2DNS /zonedelete
  2. Dnscmd /zonedelete
  3. Dnscmd Branch2DNS /zonedelete /dsdel
  4. Dnscmd /zonedelete /dsdel

C. Dnscmd Branch2DNS /zonedelete /dsdel

You should run the Dnscmd Branch2DNS /zonedelete /dsdel command. You can use either the DNS snap-in or the Dnscmd.exe command-line utility to delete a zone. The Dnscmd utility can be used to display and change the properties of DNS servers, zones and resource records. You can use the /zonedelete parameter in the Dnscmd command to specify the name of the DNS zone that you want to delete. The /dsdel parameter can be used to delete the zone from Active Directory. The /zonedelete parameter can also…



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