Configure Windows Vista Automated Installation Settings.

These questions are based on Microsoft Exam #70-624 − TS: Deploying and Maintaining Vista Client and Office System 2007 Desktops.
Microsoft Self Test Software Practice Test

Objective: Configure Windows Vista automated installation settings.
Sub-objective: Manage Windows Vista catalogs.

Single answer, multiple-choice

You are a desktop support technician for your company. You are in the process of deploying the Windows Vista operating system on all client computers in the company. You create a Windows Vista image to deploy Windows Vista on the target computers. You need to add one or more language packs to an existing offline Windows Vista image.

Which utility you should use?

  1. The Windows System Image Manager (SIM).
  2. The ImageX command-line utility.
  3. The Package Manager utility.
  4. The INTLCFG.EXE utility.

C. The Package Manager utility.

To add one or more language packs to an existing off-line Windows Vista image, you should use the Package Manager utility. Using this utility, you can add one or more language packs to a Windows Vista image. You can use Package Manager to install, uninstall, configure and update Window Vista features. In addition, you also can use an unattended installation file to update Windows Vista features on an off-line Windows Vista computer.

Windows SIM will not help you add language packs to or remove language packs from an existing Windows Vista image. Windows SIM is used to create an answer file for Windows Vista unattended installations. The SIM also is used…



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