Configure Tools and Options

These questions are based on 70-632: TS – Microsoft Office Project 2007, Configuring
Microsoft Self Test Software Practice Test

Objective: Configure tools and options.
Sub-objective: Set up schedule options.

Single answer, multiple-choice

You want to use a calendar in your project. Many users in your project work different shifts. You want to ensure the project is able to accommodate the part-time schedules for the contractors working on the project. What should you do?

  1. Use the Standard base calendar.
  2. Use the 24-Hour base calendar.
  3. Use the Night Shift base calendar.
  4. Create a custom base calendar for the project.

D. Create a custom base calendar for the project.

In this scenario, you should create a custom base calendar for the project. A custom base calendar allows you to customize the working days and hours. A base calendar is used across the project as a template for the resource, task and project calendars. To change the calendar for a project, click Tools and click Change Working Time. You can select the calendar you want to use in the For calendar drop-down list at the top, or you can click the Create New Calendar button to create a custom calendar.

The Standard base calendar is configured with the default work schedule, which is Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The 24-Hour base calendar is configured to allow project tasks to be completed anytime, including nights and weekends.



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