Confidela Launches WatchDox Public Beta to Protect Sent Documents

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Mountain View, Calif. — June 1
Confidela, developer of document control, tracking and protection solutions, announced WatchDox, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that enables the confidential sharing of important or sensitive documents in an easy and secure way. WatchDox allows the sender to control, restrict and track viewing, printing and forwarding of documents sent to global partners, colleagues and customers.

Confidela’s partnership and integration with, a leading Web-based content storage and collaboration solution adopted by small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies globally, makes WatchDox available to millions of users.

WatchDox stands alone in providing document tracking and control as a service. As a benefit of using the SaaS model, both senders and recipients do not need to install any software, making WatchDox an ideal, cost-effective solution for sharing data across companies and organizations.

By enabling tracking and control of sent documents, professionals and businesses can protect sensitive documents and confidential intellectual property to enjoy peace of mind. Users can also send documents directly from Microsoft Outlook by downloading and installing the WatchDox Outlook plug-in.

Key features include:

  • Document control allows the sender to have full control over the sent files at all times.
  • Limit recipient’s ability to view, forward, copy-paste or print documents.
  • Set expiration dates for each document.
  • Place watermarks identifying the document’s source and recipient.
  • Modify recipients’ permissions or altogether revoke documents at any time, even after they are sent.

Document tracking provides detailed tracking capabilities so viewing, forwarding or printing a protected document is logged and traced.

Document protection ensures encryption of uploaded and stored documents using industry-standard methods, streaming them into a secure Flash-based viewer that leaves no traces on the recipient’s computer.

WatchDox is a natural extension to functionality because it provides added protection for users sharing sensitive documents,” said Karen Appleton, vice president of business development for “Our partnership with Confidela gives our customers the ability to add additional security to’s sharing capabilities, while also retaining full visibility into who has viewed and accessed a specific document.”

WatchDox empowers businesses that send sensitive information to parties on and off-site, such as semiconductor companies that e-mail confidential specs and designs daily to partners and contractors across the world; business development professionals who send presentations or legal contracts to potential partners and customers and do not want these documents to end up in the wrong hands; or marketing and sales departments sharing information and price lists with channels and the sales force.

Moti Rafalin, CEO of Confidela, said: “Our new WatchDox service fills a timely business need. The world has become flat and companies work across many geographies and cultures, sharing information with partners, colleagues and customers. WatchDox facilitates these business interactions and enhances productivity while protecting the valuable information in an easy and affordable way.”

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