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<p><strong>Milton Keynes, England &mdash; June 21</strong><br />Serious games, mobile learning and virtual learning worlds were the key themes at the &quot;Training in Action: Innovate to Compete&quot; conference, held in Sestri Levante, Italy, and hosted by Giunti Labs, a European provider of e-learning and mobile learning content management solutions (LCMS).<br /><br />About 150 of Europe&#39;s top learning technologies specialists gathered in Sestri Levante for the conference, which explored: </p><ul><li>The challenges, threats and opportunities for corporate learning in the knowledge society.<br /></li><li>The importance of standards (AICC, SCORM and so on).<br /></li><li>Innovation in the application of learning technologies &mdash; through a series of case studies from across Europe. </li></ul><p>Although the conference focused on case studies, there were also a series of roundtable discussions on the 10 key topics in European learning technologies:<br /></p><ul><li>Learning communities and social networks.</li><li>Introducing skills, competencies and portfolio-based development in corporate education.<br /></li><li>Interoperability standards.<br /></li><li>Blending S1000D and SCORM for industrial maintenance and training.<br /></li><li>Learning through wearable computers.</li><li>Virtual worlds for technical workflow.<br /></li><li>Serious games &mdash; using &quot;edutainment&quot; and game-based learning in corporations.<br /></li><li>Blending business intelligence, process workflow, search and data mining with corporate knowledge.<br /></li><li>Large LMS/ LCMS deployments in worldwide organizations.<br /></li><li>Business TV and TV-delivered learning.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Volkswagen, Ikea, Ferrari, Sclumburger, Philips Medical Systems and Ericsson were among the many presenters of innovative, as well as more-traditional e-learning solutions to foster higher competitiveness of EU industries in worldwide markets.<br /><br />Giunti Labs Research presented innovative extensions to its e-learning content management solution suite, including adding GPS- and Wi-Fi-based geopositioning of learning content, an innovative approach that it labeled &quot;Geo Learning.&quot; </p><p>It also highlighted its engagement with virtual learning worlds, as well as its involvement in the S100D-SCORM standards convergence arena.</p>

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