Conduct in the Classroom

Most of us have spent some time in a classroom in our lives, and many of us will do so again, whether it’s for a certification program, technical training, soft skills seminar, etc. Few of us, however, have probably given too much thought to how we conduct ourselves in a classroom setting and how particular approaches might help us learn better.

With that in mind, this week’s Study Guide will focus on some of the ways in which students can get more out of their classroom experiences. (For the purposes of this article, the “classroom” is limited to the live lecture format.)

  • Do your homework. Before you take the class, that is. You need to know whether this will really help you achieve your career goals, so thoroughly evaluate what subjects the course will cover, who will teach it, what materials will be used and how much all of it will cost. Remember: This is an investment. Make sure you put your time, effort and money into something that will pay off down the line.
  • Get there on time. This is important not only because you don’t want to miss anything but also because it’s a courtesy to your instructors and fellow students. If you come in after the class has started, it will be a disruption, no matter how stealthily you manage to sneak in. You’ll still have to find a seat and get out all of your note-taking implements. Plus, getting to…



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