CompTIA’s Server+ and Security+ Reach Milestones

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CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, announced that two of its certifications, Server+ and Security+ passed the 10,000-certification holder mark recently. Both credentials are considered prerequisites, electives and/or equivalents to work experience in various certification tracks offered by Microsoft, IBM and an assortment of specialized certification organizations.


“I think what it continues to show is the growing acceptance of Server+ as a core-skills server certification,” said David Needles, certification program manager, CompTIA. “When we first thought about (the number), I really wanted to find a way to bring attention to the test taker. Ten thousand, in a way, is an arbitrary number, but it’s representative of all the people who have prepared, studied, spent time in the field to sit for the exam and, more importantly, pass the exam.”


Server+, which is three-and-a-half years old, verifies that holders understand best industry practices and technology standards, and is equivalent to between 18 and 24 months of experience as a server hardware technician. The program is currently undergoing a revision, which will be completed by the end of the year, when review and evaluation of data from beta testing is complete, Needles said.


“Ten thousand is important, specifically in such a short time period (less then two years) because it validates the quality, usefulness and ROI of the program for individuals and organizations,” CompTIA Director of Certification Program Management Lisa Sallstrom said of the Security+ achievement. “There are dozens of security training and certification opportunities available and yet, more then 10,000 people and their organizations have chosen CompTIA Security+ for their careers and business needs. This choice is not only apparent in the U.S. CompTIA Security+ is posting good numbers globally, with high-percentage representation in countries such as the U.K., Japan, Germany, South Africa and Norway. The numbers continue to grow. Since September, when the 10,000 milestone was achieved, the footprint has increased to 116 countries, and the number certified to approximately 11,000.”


Security+ tests the knowledge of individuals with two years of on-the-job networking experience with emphasis on security. The exam covers industry-wide topics, including communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, external attack, and operational and organizational security.


Both Sallstrom and Needles credited the success of the respective programs to the work of CompTIA committees, comprised of experts from leading businesses and organizations in IT. In addition, both said that strong economic performances in these sectors, even through recession and recovery, had benefited both certifications. “IT is coming out of the doldrums, but the server market itself is still strong and growing,” Needles said.


“There’s no question that there has been very intense focus in the field of cyber-security and information assurance in the past several years,” Sallstrom said. “And security offers a challenging and rewarding career option for individuals with networking backgrounds. At the same time though, with so many training and certification options, it has become clear there must be a value to the program individuals and organizations spend their time and resources utilizing.”


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