CompTIA’s Security+ Passes 20,000 Mark

CompTIA recently announced that more than 20,000 people had passed its Security+ credential by late October, about a year after the certification achieved the 10,000-certificants milestone. Growth in Security+, which covers topics like communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control and authentication, shows no signs of slowing down, either, said Neill Hopkins, vice president of skills development at CompTIA.

Hopkins cited a Bureau of Labor Statistics prediction that information security occupations would be among the top five ‘hottest’ jobs in IT over the next several years—with 10 percent growth projected by 2012—as an indicator that Security+ would continue to be in demand. “We anticipate that organizations will continue to focus more resources on combating IT security threats through education, training, certification and investment in security products and solutions,” Hopkins said. “The reason is that the proliferation of worms, viruses, phishing, pharming and assorted other threats and scams seems to be growing, not lessening.”

Another important sign of the certification’s success is its adoption in the academic world. Hopkins said 50 colleges and career centers have added instruction in CompTIA Security+ to their IT programs in the past year. This provides incoming IT professionals with exposure to the program and the security principles it espouses early on, giving them a foundation for later success.

Many enterprises’ efforts thus far to meet the security challenges to their IT environment have been lacking, Hopkins said. “Organizations across all sectors of the economy say they have heightened their security preparedness. Yet…



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