CompTIA’s Revised Server+ Exam Goes Live

IT professionals received a Valentine’s Day gift from CompTIA: a revised version of Server+, one of its most popular certifications. The credentialing organization released the updated exam for Server+, which passed the 10,000-certified mark last year, on Feb. 14.

“There were over 40 exam objectives or sub-objectives that were either updated, changed or removed for the new exam,” said David Needles, CompTIA product manager. “We took a look at some sections that needed to be updated on new technologies.”

Changes include the addition of new technologies like Fibre Channel over IP, peripheral component interconnect (PCI) and hot swap; updated information around SCSI (small computer system interface); and enhanced multiprocessor systems content. “The Server+ exam, given its technology and focus, is a little more hardware-centric,” said Needles, who added that the first domain—which comprises 30 percent of the new test—covers general hardware knowledge.

Although the Server+ exam revisions, which took about one year to develop and apply, have already been implemented, the old exam will not be retired until March 31, 2005. “We haven’t made the exam any longer,” said Ayana Nickerson, CompTIA product manager. “It’s still the same 90 minutes. There are 80 questions on the exam, which is the same number on the previous exam. We didn’t intend to make the exam any harder. We wanted to make it more applicable to what people are experiencing on the job. We did go through an analysis to make sure the questions are psychometrically sound, and we…



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