CompTIA Sets New Date for Convergence+ SMEs

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CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, has rescheduled its job-task analysis meeting for the development of its new Convergence+ certification. The assembly will take place on Oct. 27 and 28 to better accommodate the schedules of participants, said Mike Johnson, product manager of CompTIA’s Network+ and Convergence+ certifications.


“The original dates were set based on conversations with our Cornerstone committee in a rough outline for the development process for the full certification,” he said. “They’re eager to get started, so we wanted to set a date right away to hold this job-task analysis meeting. To have a better cross-section of industry experts, it worked better to have it in October rather that September.”


Although the specifics of the certification aren’t known yet, it will cover baseline knowledge of telephony (trunks, stations, hunt group provisioning and key/PBX), internetworking (LANs and WANs), structured cabling and VoIP (security, quality of service, design, network administrations, phones and standards). “We’re anticipating the Network+ audience will also be the primary audience for Convergence+,” Johnson said. “Nothing’s really changed in the focus of the certification. We will build a better-defined focus once this meeting happens. Coming out of this meeting, we’ll have a clearer definition of the direction than the high-level description of the certification that we have right now.”


CompTIA is still seeking out subject-matter experts (SMEs) to participate in the job-task analysis. SMEs are required to have at least three years experience working in network management, VoIP, telephony or voice, video, fax and data convergence, along with strong communication and written English skills. Qualified applicants can sign up on the CompTIA Web site.


Following the job-task analysis, CompTIA will hold an exam item-writing meeting for Convergence+. Johnson expects that development phase will take place sometime this December. “After our job-task analysis is held, then we’ll launch a job-task analysis survey on the Web site,” he said. “We’ll set the item-writing workshop during that time, based on how quickly we can get the survey finished.”


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