CompTIA Polls Techies on Key Tools

In spite of the near ubiquity of cell phones and iPods, these technologies are mere vanities when compared to laptops and PCs, a new online survey from CompTIA shows. The organization asked IT professionals what technology device they would select if they could only have one for a day, and about two-thirds of the nearly 2,000 respondents said either laptop or desktop computers.

Laptops were the technology of choice for more than 45 percent of poll participants, while close to 21 percent opted for PCs. “I was kind of surprised, because you always see everyone else using all of these other technical devices, but when IT professionals were asked what they would choose if they had to use only one for the entire day, laptops were their number-one choice by a very wide margin,” said John Venator, president and CEO of CompTIA. “It’s interesting that right now—keeping in mind what we generally have looked to in terms of our use of the computer—more and more tech professionals are willing to pass their Blackberries, set aside their cell phones and even ignore their iPods, but they can’t go a day without their laptop or desktop computer.”

Coming in at a distant third were Blackberries. Venator was quick to distinguish between these kinds of devices and standard cell phones. “If you look at the rankings, 8.7 percent of the poll participants said that their Blackberry wireless device, but you can read any other brand into that,” he explained. “Their wireless…



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