CompTIA Launches Line of Cert Prep Resources

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) announced the release of a line of educational resources around its suite of vendor-neutral certifications. The organization has already shipped titles for its A+, Security+ and Network+, and eventually plans to have courseware for all its programs, said William Vanderbilt, vice president of education and training, CompTIA.

“CompTIA Press is a branded curriculum that maps to CompTIA certifications,” Vanderbilt said. “Most people know that CompTIA has been in the business of certification for many years and has produced a variety of certifications that assist IT professionals in demonstrating their competence. During that time, we have not been in the space of training ourselves; we rely on our training partners to deliver education for the various certifications that CompTIA has available. In addition, we have not produced our own curriculum.”

“Even now, we’re really not producing our own curriculum,” he explained. “This is just a brand that we’re assigning to curriculum that exists and forming a more strategic relationship with a company to start, and then potentially others in the future, so that we can have curriculum that does a variety of things and benefits the test-taker.”

The organization intends to have titles for all of its certifications available in the North American market by the end of this year, Vanderbilt said. “One of the reasons we’re doing this and one of the benefits to the test-takers is to ensure that every CompTIA certification has curriculum that maps to it. It’s…



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