CompTIA: IT Internships Opportunities Rising

It’s no secret that experience is one of the best ways to gain professional skills. And one of the best ways to gain experience is through internships, which allow students to see the concepts and techniques they’ve learned about put into practice. According to CompTIA, opportunities for IT internships are on the rise and will likely continue to grow.

The organization conducted a recent study that showed 49.3 percent of 429 organizations surveyed plan to hire summer interns for their IT departments this year. “The good news is that it’s trending upward,” said Gretchen Koch, director of CompTIA’s skills development. She also heads up its Education to Careers program. “It’s up six points year-over-year. Additionally, almost 20 percent of the organizations that said they were planning on doing this are bringing on 10 or more interns, which is really great.”

Koch added that the poll results were reflective of all the other good news about IT that has come to the fore of late. However, the positive state of the industry hasn’t necessarily made it to the general public yet. “IT hiring is up and IT salaries are up, particularly for those with certification,” she said. “There has been so much concern, and there’s a misperception that IT is dead because of all of the news about offshoring. We are encouraging our membership to offer things like internships to get the word out that IT is in fact alive and well.

“Actually, when you look at the data from…



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