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CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, made two announcements last week that demonstrated the increasingly international character of both its own operations and IT certification generally.


The first bit of news came from India. CompTIA plans to make its suite of certifications available to both individual IT professionals and organizations in that country. The 11 certification programs that will be offered in India cover technology topics such as hardware, networking, servers, Internet, electronic business, project management, training, Linux, security, home technology and document imaging. Almost a million people around the world hold CompTIA certification, and that amount could grow substantially with credentialing opportunities in that population-heavy nation.


A few hundred miles west in the Persian Gulf, Microsoft (a CompTIA member organization) will require CompTIA CTT+ for its certified trainers in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen, as well as Pakistan. The CTT+ certification validates proficiency in technology training delivery by showing that a technical instructor has attained core competencies such as knowledge and credibility, classroom performance, and effective communication and presentation skills.


“The IT employment market in the Gulf Region is growing at a rapid rate and includes a high percentage of expatriates,” said Rudolf Tegelaar, regional director of CompTIA Middle East. “For example, in the United Arab Emirates, 80 percent of the workforce is made up of expatriates, with 50 percent of this group from India and Pakistan. Many multinational corporations bring there own IT staff to the region. Huge investments throughout the region are being made to create a regional technology hub. Also, many different projects have been undertaken by Middle East governments to skill the local workforce and obtain job positions that are now taken by expatriates.”


And that’s not all. The organization had yet another announcement about its certification for radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. CompTIA will launch the new RFID+, which has been in development for the past year or so, on March 28. CompTIA developed the credential with the cooperation of several RFID experts from a variety of organizations in the industry. It will serve as an internationally recognized validation of the technical knowledge required of professionals in this sphere. Look for more information on this in an upcoming edition of EXTRA.


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