CompTIA Expands Certification in Response to Industry Needs

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Getting certified to teach in a classroom is one thing; knowing how to teach in a global world is another.

This month, the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) expanded its CTT+ (Certified Technical Trainer) Certification to include a new module for Virtual Classroom Trainers. CompTIA identified the need for the expansion based on extensive research, as well as the expertise of industry insiders.

“Online collaboration tools and online learning tools have really exploded,” said Michael Robie, vice president of skills development at CompTIA.

The new certification module will allow candidates to validate their ability to train effectively in a virtual classroom environment — which includes facilitation and engagement — through the use of online collaboration tools such as ConnectPro, Microsoft NetMeeting and WebEx.

The certification itself is vendor-neutral, however. “This is a general skill [candidates] can use, and it’s translatable as the tools evolve or the corporation changes tools,” Robie said.

The certification also caters to broad audience, applying to “training organizations, academic institutions, government-training organizations and the enterprise alike,” Robie said.

Even though the main objectives of the CTT+ Certification will remain the same, the scoring of the test will differ, said Tazneen Kasem, product manager for CompTIA CTT+ Certification.

“The way you interact in a classroom where you can see the students — if they’re bored or if they’re actually interacting and doing their work — [is different] compared to a virtual [environment where] you don’t really see your students and have to do the group facilitations through polls or chats. So scoring will be very different,” Kasem said.

CompTIA has yet to release details on scoring.

Prior to introducing this module, CompTIA CTT+ candidates were required to pass a computer-based test and a video-based performance assessment.

This still will be required of candidates who want to earn the Virtual Classroom Trainer Certification, along with a third component: an online training assessment.

– Deanna Hartley,

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