CompTIA Educational Foundation and Diskeeper Keep Wounded Warriors’ Computers Working at Top Speed

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Oakbrook Terrace, Ill. — July 13

Diskeeper Corporation donated 500 copies of its defragmentation software to the CompTIA Educational Foundation to keep the computers of wounded warriors running at top speed.

The Foundation will work with its partner organizations, such as the National Christina Foundation, the Wounded Warrior Care Project and South Carolina’s Fast Forward, to upgrade the computers used by U.S. military veterans while they train for information technology certifications.

The Foundation’s Creating Futures program provides career opportunities to groups of people historically underrepresented in the IT industry, such as U.S. military veterans, at-risk youth, women, minorities, dislocated workers and individuals with disabilities. Training, mentoring, courseware, practice exams and certification vouchers are provided at no cost to these individuals.

“As a former U.S. Marine Corps veteran seeking to improve my employability, it was refreshing to discover CompTIA’s Creating Futures IT training program. With America engaged in two wars, and facing the greatest economic downturn since the 1930s, CompTIA offers a breath of hope for all veterans seeking an opportunity in the brave new world of IT,” said Douglas G. Bertolini, Creating Futures participant.

Diskeeper 2009 provides automatic defragmentation to increase computer speed and reliability. Fragmentation steadily corrupts system performance and generates problems such as slow downs, freezes and crashes.

“Fragmented hard drives drain critical system resources and compromise almost every aspect of daily computer use,” said Derek De Vette, vice president of channel affairs for Diskeeper Corporation. “Through our partnership with the CompTIA Educational Foundation, we can help America’s military veterans keep their PCs healthy while they endeavor to find new employment. With nearly all job searches now entailing Internet research, keeping your PC up and running is essential.”

“We want to help every wounded warrior gain a meaningful career as they transition from the military to the private sector,” commented John Venator, president and CEO of CompTIA Education Foundation. “Thousands of veterans have requested our IT training this year, and with the support of Diskeeper and other IT leaders, we can reach even more wounded warriors in need.”

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