CompTIA: Converged Networks a Top Priority in Enterprises

A new study commissioned by CompTIA and conducted by research organization IDC shows small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are making convergence of voice and data technologies a top priority. The issue of how to go about joining the two, however, will differ among — and even within — companies in this space.

“The benefits of converged voice and data networks are not just for the big boys,” said John Venator, CompTIA president and CEO. “Convergent technologies are changing the way even the smallest businesses look at their communications networks. It is leveling the playing field between small companies and larger competitors, allowing any organization to take advantage of the cost savings and productivity improvements afforded by convergence solutions.”

The advantages of converged networks in SMBs are many, but basically, they all come down to one thing: dexterity.

“By embracing these technologies, organizations gain enormous flexibility to manage voice and data networks together, administer the combined networks through familiar interfaces and add new features at the server and desktop level,” Venator said. “They can expand into more locations and markets without adding a lot of overhead. They can change their business model of how and when they communicate with their customers. They no longer need to be at a desk from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. — they can do business from anywhere, at any time without sacrificing the productivity tools they’ve come to rely on in the office.”

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