CompTIA certs blaze career path for Defense Department contractor

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There are lots of ways to get a foot on the bottom rung of the career ladder in IT and start climbing. Education, whether in college or high school, is what leads a lot of young professionals to settle into an IT groove. Many IT lifers’ first exposure to computers and technology is from playing video games. There’s a growing movement across all sectors of IT to recruit and train military veterans looking to embark on the next phase of life. And, of course, certification, which can also play a role in other scenarios, offers its own path to IT employment.

CompTIA certs can help you get into the IT groove.Sometimes, certification scratches an itch that people didn’t even realize was there. That’s more or less what happened for Robert Kosydar, a 22-year-old contractor with U.S. Department of Defense. Kosydar, who is profiled in a recent post at CompTIA’s IT Careers Blog, got his DOD job assisting with server systems not long after graduating high school in 2010, essentially adopting the career path taken by his father before him. His employer recommended certification as a means of expanding his then-limited knowledge of IT.

Instead of starting off slowly, however, Kosydar immediately took aim at CompTIA’s Security+ credential, which is integrated into various DOD career tracks. He earned his Security+ after a one-year process of intensive study and wound up getting a nice bump in salary. Energized by that first taste of career momentum, Kosydar spent the next 22 months earning five additional CompTIA certs: A+, Network+, Storage+, Server+ and Cloud+. (CompTIA certs, it would seem, are like Lay’s brand potato chips: No one can eat just one.)

It’s worth reading the full CompTIA post to get all of the details of Kosydar’s story, such as what order he earned his five successive certs in, and what he plans to do next. It’s a fun reminder that certification, even if it doesn’t make you rich, can rapidly expand your IT knowledge base and develop into a healthy addiction — to learning.

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