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CompTIA Web Site
This is the primary resource for information about the CompTIA exams. Through this site you can view objectives, order study materials, review FAQs, view fee charts and much more. You’ll also find the site worthwhile when searching for training options. (You can follow training links from each set of certification pages.)

Be sure to check the various Web pages for specific CompTIA exams for information about CompTIA’s Authorized Quality Curriculum (CAQC) and its Authorized Training Products. These items are written or created and reviewed for suitable coverage and quality compliance to provide the best possible fit to relevant CompTIA certifications. See for more information about current authorized CompTIA certification materials.

Then, too, there’s the CompTIA TechCareer Compass ( It provides all kinds of useful information for those who want to understand what kinds of careers specific CompTIA certifications might lead to or conversely, what CompTIA certifications are most likely to be of value to those interested in specific career clusters or job titles. Likewise, it’s a good place to start investigating training options, job descriptions and other career news and information.

CCPrep is a resource site for students pursuing Cisco and CompTIA certifications. This site offers online, download or CD-based training courses, extensive study resources, router labs and practice exams.
Cert21 offers a wide range of certification preparation resources for several certification paths, including CompTIA. This site offers practice exams, study guides and discussion forums.

Certification Magazine Online
CertMag maintains an archive of previously published articles online. There are numerous reviews, articles and study tips found throughout various articles in this magazine. Use the search tool to search on CompTIA or the specific name of a certification or exam.

CertifyExpress offers resources for most of the popular certification paths, including CompTIA. Their offerings include study tips, relevant articles, book reviews, cram notes and practice exams.
CertPortal is a link repository for a wide variety of certification resources found throughout the Internet. The collected links are categorized so you can find sites offering material relevant to your certification path. Through this site, you can access other sites that offer study guides, practice exams, exam reviews, discussion forums, labs and much more.
CertYourself is a useful resource site for many certification students, including CompTIA certification pursuers. This site offers exam outlines, practice exams, study guides, online training and more.

CramSession is one of the premier sites for study materials for a wide variety of certifications including those from CompTIA. This site offers detailed study guides, group discussion forums, skill assessment exams, newsletters, question of the day, book reviews and much more.
ExamNotes offers useful resources for preparing and passing CompTIA and other certifications. The materials available at this site include exam overviews, book reviews, exam notes, practice exams, discussion forum and more.

GoCertify is an excellent resource for certification-related study, training and preparation materials. Materials for most of the certification paths are offered, including CompTIA. Offerings include relevant articles, exam overviews, training resources and practice quizzes.

InformIT is an extensive resource for any IT professional. It includes a wealth of information related to certification, security, IT management, networking, operating systems and much more. While offering a broad spectrum of information, this site provides excellent resources for a CompTIA certification student, such as book reviews, articles, study tips and more.


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