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CompTIA has taken its Web site through a complete redesign, with the intention of centralizing all its products and services in one place and expressing its rebranding of earlier this year.

The association wanted "more of dynamic look and feel to represent the dynamic IT industry we represent," said Ed Korenman, vice president of marketing and communications at CompTIA. "We saw a need to rebrand everything we do – from all of our collateral and events and logos on buildings and business cards and everything in between."

Korenman developed the site over a period of months, working closely with a designer external to CompTIA. The association's specific goals for the site were to make it a central location for the association's content, which had gotten too spread out in terms of where it was located on the Internet.

"We wanted to give people [a site] that was easier to navigate and that gives a full sense of what we do as an association," he said. "We've had too many disparate sites out there. Folks who were looking at certifications were actually on a different Web site than the general association Web site. I really wanted to show people in a streamlined easy way all that CompTIA offers and also just make it easier to find information about our association. You're one click away from really any kind of information that you would need, which users seem pleased with."

Korenman explained how this centralized functionality reflects CompTIA's rebranding.

"The Computing Technology Industry Association is our official name, but that's somewhat limiting," he said, adding that these limits were difficult for the association to escape, given that they were so much a part of its image.

"Our old logo had these three little buttons that looked like keys on a keyboard," Korenman said. "We're just so much more than computers. We have an emphasis on all these new initiatives that are going on within IT – whether it's green IT, managed services or cybersecurity. So the Web site is bringing it all together into this one site; you're able to easily see what we're offering from the certification front, but we [also] have all these initiatives going on in public policy, and we're rolling out research about security, and we have events that bring the IT industry together."

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