CompTIA has big plans for millionth A+ certified professional

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CompTIA is preparing to recognize the 1 millionth person to be A+ certified.It doesn’t seem to happen all that much anymore, but once upon a time celebrations of this or that businesses’ milestone millionth customer occupied a somewhat iconic place in pop culture. Maybe we’re just not as impressed by the number 1,000,000 anymore. Besides which, hey, it’s a tough economy. When Banco Walmart opened its millionth account (after just four years of operation) at a branch in Mexico City on March 15, 2011, the lucky customer got … a lousy 10,000 pesos?! (About $750 U.S.) “Look, if we splurge now, what are people going to expect when it’s 5 million, or 10 million, or — heaven help us — 1 billion? We could go out of business that way.”

Given the general decline in milestone fanfare, it’s kind of cool that leading IT industry association CompTIA is preparing to spring a mystery celebration when it grants its 1,000,000th A+ certification. The man or woman who’s about to complete the two required exams and become the millionth A+ certified professional is out there. And while CompTIA hasn’t disclosed the precise current tally of A+ certifications issued, there are indications that the big reveal is getting close. Which makes it kind of an exciting time to be taking the final steps toward becoming an A+ certified professional. How close are you to notching a place in certification history?

Maybe if you study just a little bit harder …

The A+ certification, first issued in 1993, is one of the oldest and most widely recognized credentials in IT. The exam has been updated four times, in 2003, 2006, 2009 and, most recently, 2012. Since 2003, the A+ exam has been reviewed and updated every three years in consultation with the CompTIA A+ Certification Advisory Committee. According to a CompTIA news feature from 2012, the committee includes systems integration experts, as well as representatives from major IT hardware manufacturers (including Dell, Lenovo, Ricoh and Sharp) and the U.S. military.

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CompTIA is playing it close to the vest as far as revealing how, exactly, the big milestone will be celebrated, but promises that “something amazing” is in store.

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