CompTIA Announces Convergence Industry Initiatives

CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, has announced it will work with several leaders in the convergent technologies market this year to promote growth in that field in commercial and consumer environments. New measures will include developing best practices tools for providers of convergent technology solutions, and skills development and certification programs for professionals working with convergent technologies.

“CompTIA is currently working with leaders in the convergent technologies market to identify the types of skills that would be most relevant for a convergence certification,” said Brian McCarthy, chief operating officer at CompTIA. “Our preliminary discussions suggest that this certification may combine baseline knowledge on convergent technologies coupled with multiple specialty tracks for specific areas such as wireless, voice, data, storage and security. Voice and data cross-training will be a key element of the certification. Some of the potential baseline skills would include knowledge of telephony (trunks, stations, hunt group provisioning, key/PBX), internetworking (i.e., LAN/WAN), structured cabling and voice-over-IP (including security, quality of service, design, network administrations, phones and standards). At a higher level, a convergence certification might also address solutions such as unified messaging, Web chat, rules-based call handling and other applications that promote productivity and efficiency.”

McCarthy added that the recent growth in the telecommunications field was the due to the cost savings and productivity increases it can bring to workforce performance. “Thousands of enterprises have already replaced traditional telephony equipment with VoIP networks and other converged applications,” he said. “Businesses of all sizes want new…



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