CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 study resources

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You can nailCompTIA's A+ cert with these exam resources.It has been a while since CertMag has given an exhaustive list of study materials for the CompTIA A+ exam (since 220-602 in 2009 by my count). I figured it was about time to do some research and provide a complete list of the materials you need to pass the current CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 exam. I’m going to break down the list in free exam resources and paid exam resources in no particular order.

Free Resources

The free ones aren’t as easy to come by, so I’ll break them down by exam.


1. Pearson IT put together a pretty nice practice exam for this test. It has 100 questions with detailed answers.
2. ExamCompass has 10 practice exams per half of the A+. I used this one myself when I took the A+ years ago.
3. CrucialExams makes some useful practice exams with explanations as well.
4. PracticeQuiz has a good practice exam that gives detailed answers.
5. ProfessorMesser has video lessons available for free.


1. The 802 exam seemed a bit harder to find free resources for, but ExamCompass is a great resource for both exams and gives you 10 practice exams for each test.
2. has a decent exam with answer explanations.
3. CrucialExams makes this list as well as the 220-801 list.
4. DavidProwse (no, not that David Prowse) has a nice pdf with 80 questions and answers.
5. ProfessorMesser is on this list as well for the free video lessons.

Paid Resources

1. MeasureUP — This has CompTIA’s Approved Quality Content seal, meaning that it has met certain requirements and covers all your bases. At $99 it is also a great deal.
2. TestOut — They don’t have the CAQC seal, but they do have the best simulated environment I’ve ever used. Their practice tests are also well organized, and they give you the opportunity to learn bit by bit. They are considerably pricier at $495, but if you’re a student you might be able to get a significant discount (depending on your school).
3. Amazon — They are always a great source for books and ebooks. If you prefer good old fashioned reading to other methods of study and preparation, then by all means, check them out.

4.ExamForce – They have great resources for a bunch of different certs, A+ included. Use the code gocert20 to get 20% off!

5. Udemy – Great source for user created courses, not just CompTIA.

The list wouldn’t be complete, of course, without sending you straight to the horse’s mouth. CompTIA keeps their own list of A+ study resources and it is pretty well organized. I’m confident that with the above resources, anyone should be able to pass the CompTIA 220-801 and 220-802 exams.

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Jed Reisner is the webmaster at CertMag. He has been in the IT industry for 10 years, working for companies like Dell, NetApp and TestOut. Jed spends his free time chasing around his 2-year-old twin boys with his wife.

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