Comodo’s Forum Membership Exceeds 23,000

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<p><strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; Aug. 3</strong><br />Comodo, a global provider of identity- and trust assurance-management solutions, has announced that the Comodo Forum has become a new and popular destination for people interested in online security and staying safe online. </p><p>Within its first 12 months, the forum membership has grown to more than 23,000, rivaling some of the largest and longest-established security forums in rate of growth. </p><p>Further, according to Alexa, a Web information company that tracks Internet trends and data, Comodo has consistently outranked its closest competitors in reach, rank and page views over the past six months.<br /><br />The Comodo Forum is a community that shares information and advice, and it also provides a venue where members can help shape the development of Comodo solutions. </p><p>Sections within the Comodo Forum are devoted to specific products and solutions. These sections elicit user ratings and feedback, answer questions and generate dialogue. </p><p>The forum sees nearly 50 new registrations and more than 160 posts per day. As of July 30, the Comodo Forum contained 76,000 total posts, spanning more than 9,700 topics.<br /><br />Comodo CEO and Chief Security Architect Melih Abdulhayoglu is active in answering many member messages daily and has his own section, &quot;Melih&#39;s Corner,&quot; where he offers insight into the state and future of online security. </p><p>&quot;We created the Comodo Forum hoping that it would evolve into a strong-knit community that consisted of both our customers and others interested in online security,&quot; Abdulhayoglu said. &quot;It is a diverse community, and our members appreciate being an integral part of Comodo and its future.&quot;<br /><br />One of the keys to the forum&#39;s success is the dedication of the forum moderators, a diverse group that has gained the trust of forum members by maintaining full transparency and objectivity. </p><p>Relevant comments remain intact, even if they should they express views unfavorable to Comodo. </p><p>It is through this balanced and uncensored approach that the Comodo Forum has become a &quot;destination of choice&quot; for anyone interested in becoming informed about security and staying safe online.</p>

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