Comodo Verification Engine Can Help Protect Consumers From Internet Scams

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<p><strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; July 22</strong></p><p>The number of phony Web sites impersonating legitimate ones is on the rise. These are created by scammers to trick Internet users into divulging their personal information or installing malware.</p><p>The process often begins with a legitimate looking but counterfeit customer service e-mail inviting an unsuspecting and underprotected consumer to access one of these bogus sites. This practice, known as &ldquo;phishing&rdquo; affects millions of Internet users every year.</p><p>As one of the Internet&#39;s largest certification authorities, Comodo has devised ways to distinguish and identify a real Web site from an impostor. Comodo has created a database of more than 500,000 legitimate Web sites with the real Internet addresses where they can be found.</p><p>PCs equipped with Comodo Verification Engine, a free, unobtrusive, lightweight application, instantly check this database for every Web site visited. If it&#39;s legitimate and in the database, the border around a user&#39;s browser will glow green, and an arrow will point to the site&#39;s verified logo. If it doesn&#39;t, users are advised to proceed with caution.</p><p>Verification Engine also will provide a clear visual indicator about the level of SSL security on a site and warn if a site is using the type of SSL certificate favored by scammers.</p><p>For more information on Comodo Verification Engine and to download it for free, please visit </p>

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