Comodo Security Forum Reaches 50,000 Members

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<p><strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; July 31</strong><br />Comodo, a provider of identity and trust assurance management solutions, announced the Comodo Forum has emerged as the destination of choice for people interested in having up to date information related to PC security and staying safe online. <br /><br />Since its launch in 2006, the Comodo Forum with 50,000 members now represents a large constituency of a diverse set of users who actively participate to help shape the evolution of the Internet and PC security industry. <br /><br />The Comodo Forum is a community of members that share information, help fellow members resolve technical issues and most significantly provide direct input into the development of Comodo solutions. </p><p>The forum is organized to leverage the knowledge base of the community and covers a wide set of topics including a feature wish list, product updates, sneak peeks at new products (BETA solutions) and product reviews. <br /><br />It also includes sections to elicit user ratings and capture feedback covering more than 20,000 topics. One of the keys to the forum&#39;s success is the dedication of its moderators, a diverse group of subject matter experts that has gained the trust of forum members by maintaining full transparency and objectivity. Relevant comments remain intact, even if they should express views unfavorable to Comodo.<br /><br />Comodo&#39;s CEO and Chief Security Architect Melih Abdulhayoglu is active in the forum, answering many member messages daily. He also has created a section, titled “Melih&#39;s Corner,” where he offers insight into the state and future of online security. <br /><br />”We created the Comodo Forum hoping it would evolve into a strong-knit community that consisted of both our customers and others interested in online security,” said Abdulhayoglu. </p><p>”It now attracts a diverse community, including some of the brightest minds in our industry. I am deeply gratified to see how community members actively support each other to help manage the everyday issues people have in staying safe online. This level of passionate commitment has become an integral part of Comodo&#39;s approach to our development across our entire business.”<br /></p>

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