Comodo Makes Prevention First Line of Defense

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<p><strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; Aug. 21</strong><br />It is becoming more difficult for consumers to know whether their computer has been comprised. </p><p>To combat this and other growing threats, the Comodo group of Internet security companies has innovated by introducing prevention-based technologies into their award-winning firewall that transforms desktop security from being “detection-based” to a “prevention-based” safeguard on a user&#39;s PC.<br /><br />”Our goal is to change the face of security &mdash; instead of trying to determine whether a file is &#39;bad&#39; once it is on your computer, it is far more logical to prevent the breach in the first place,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and chief security architect. “We have a goal to evolve the role of desktop security from detection to prevention, and Comodo Firewall Pro v3.0 (now in beta) is our first step in reaching this objective.”<br /><br />Unlike other firewall solutions, Comodo&#39;s unique approach identifies safe applications rather than simply detecting and blocking harmful applications. </p><p>The firewall employs a white list of more than 600,000 safe applications so that only trusted applications have access to the PC. </p><p>The white list, developed by Comodo, allows Comodo Firewall Pro Version 3.0 to prevent many of the worst types of attacks because new threats (such as ones often used in day zero attacks) are simply not allowed to execute on a user&#39;s PC.<br /><br />Comodo Firewall Pro V3.0 is expected to be widely available within a few weeks. </p><p>This version introduces powerful new features that are typically only available in enterprise class </p><p>solutions. Nevertheless, consistent with Comodo&#39;s strategy of offering the best in security solutions at no cost to consumers, this version will offered free for download.</p>

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