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<strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; June 19</strong><br />Comodo, a certification authorities and a global provider of identity and trust assurance management solutions, announced the availability of Unified Communications (UC) Certificates to its channel partner community. Comodo&#39;s multiyear UC Certificates allow a single certificate to provide SSL-secured communications for multiple domains and multiple host names operating on a single IP address or server. <br /><br />UC Certificates are particularly relevant to companies providing hosted or managed Microsoft Exchange 2007 services (and/or Microsoft solutions partners) and represents an important enhancement to Comodo&#39;s extensive digital certificate portfolio.<br /><br /><strong>Greater Flexibility</strong><br />UC Certificates make Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications Server 2007 implementations and administration easier and more flexible than ever before. Built for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007, Comodo&#39;s multiyear UC Certificates are designed to allow customers to access the features of these new applications, which enables administrative flexibility to secure, client-server and server-server communications while supporting multiple Exchange and Office Communications 2007 services (e.g., OWA, SMTP, Autodiscovery, ActiveSync and Outlook Anywhere) &mdash; all with a single UC Certificate. <br /><br />For example, while traditional SSL certificates provide security for a single, fully qualified domain name, and Wildcard certificates can only cover all first-level sub-domains, one Comodo UC Certificate can be used to secure the following Exchange Server 2007 domains:<br /><br /><ul><li>webmail.universe.com </li><li>exchange.server.net </li><li>autodiscover.universe.com </li><li>exchange.server.local </li><li>mail.universe.com</li></ul><br />Comodo&#39;s UC Certificate is available to channel partners at various discount levels off of Comodo&#39;s $285 one-year retail price and includes three domains, as well as the following benefits:<br /><br /><ul><li>Fully trusted by more than 99 percent of e-mail clients and Web browsers.</li><li>Simplifies certificate management with a single certificate to support multiple domain names, host names and server applications.</li><li>Unlimited certificate reissuance &mdash; have the certificate reissued for free whenever changes are made to domain names.</li><li>Simplifies administration for Web hosts when customers make changes to domains.</li></ul><p><br />”Microsoft Exchange is the most popular messaging platform in the world, and Comodo is one of a select group of certificate authorities that can offer these certificates,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and chief security architect of Comodo. </p><p>”UC Certificates presents a unique, rich revenue opportunity for channel partners as they can offer this certificate that is becoming central to making enterprise communications secure.” <br /></p>

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