Comodo Introduces PCI Compliancy

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<p><strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; May 10</strong><br />Comodo, a global certification authority and provider of identity and trust assurance management solutions, has launched HackerGuardian Payment Card Industry (PCI) scan compliancy solution and daily vulnerability scanning/certification solution. </p><p>Comodo&#39;s HackerGuardian delivers tremendous value to e-merchants by offering both a PCI scan compliancy service plus cutting-edge daily vulnerability scanning and certification.</p><p>In addition, Comodo provides certification of a safe site with Comodo&#39;s patent-pending TrustLogo. </p><p>This next-generation TrustLogo, proven to convert customers into visitors, provides key new technology versus site seals from other providers.</p><p>Further, placing the Comodo TrustLogo on a site provides extra visitor reassurance that competitors cannot deliver because Comodo is known as a &quot;trust brand&quot; through its highly popular desktop security solutions that protect millions of consumers. </p><p>Only a PCI-approved scanning vendor (ASV) can provide vulnerability assessment scans and, as an ASV, Comodo now delivers virtually the most cost effective PCI scan compliancy solution with HackerGuardian. </p><p>If you successfully pass the PCI criteria (no vulnerabilities of Severity Level 3 or above), you will also be provided with a &quot;PCI Compliance Report&quot; that can be sent to your acquiring bank as evidence of compliance. </p><p>Comodo also helps e-merchants with the Annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire in the form of an online wizard. </p><p>Once the tests have been passed, only Comodo provides a new type of TrustLogo called &quot;Credit Card TrustLogo.&quot; </p><p>As with all other Comodo TrustLogos, the Credit Card TrustLogo provides additional reassurance that the eMerchant is secure and trustworthy to take credit card information.<br /><br />HackerGuardian Daily Scanning performs more than 14,000 daily tests over the company&#39;s server and networks, scanning for weaknesses both at the firewall&#39;s perimeter and beyond. </p><p>A detailed report is generated after every scan and if any threat or discrepancy is found, a report advises the user on remediation. </p><p>Once a site passes daily scanning test, the HackerShield TrustLogo is displayed as certification of the site&#39;s safety.<br /><br />&quot;Retailers of all sizes are challenged to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the PCI standards because it requires a multi-layered approach to data management, security infrastructure and authentication policies,&quot; said Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and chief security architect. &quot;Comodo enables e-merchants to be compliant and secure with a cost-effective, technologically-advanced solution that frees the retailers to focus on their core business. They can rest assured that HackerGuardian is providing ongoing monitoring and management for a secure, hacker-free infrastructure.&quot;</p>

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