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<strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; Sept. 28</strong><br />According to the Federal Trade Commission, ID theft already has cost consumers more $5 billion, and this figure does not even take into account the costs related to repairing the damage. <br /><br />Further, studies by Gartner assert that about 21 percent of consumers will not conduct online transactions due to fears of ID theft and/or fraud. <br /><br />In response to this growing concern, and in advance of the active holiday online shopping season, Comodo advises online shoppers to be aware of the new ways they can stay safe online and can keep their PCs safe so they can avoid being victims of ID theft.<br /><br />Most consumers understand ID theft can occur at multiple “threat junctures” &mdash; at a Web site via drive by download attacks, or if they have an ID-stealing virus on their computer. <br /><br />To address these concerns, Comodo has begun to provide information and free tools that empower consumers to take proactive steps to ensure they are shopping on a trusted, secure site and that their computers are free from dangerous trojans and viruses.<br /><br />To help consumers confirm they are dealing with a verifiable (not a phishing) site, consumers should look for a new, green trust indicator that appears in the URL of a site protected with an EV SSL certificate. <br /><br />This indicator is presented on sites with an EV SSL certificate and provides Web site visitors a conspicuous and reliable way to confirm site identity when they are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (and upcoming releases of Firefox and Opera). <br /><br />On EV SSL protected sites, visitors will notice that the address bar turns green and displays the name of the Extended Validation certificate owner. <br /><br />This green confirmation increases trust because site visitors will know that the organization has been authenticated according to the most rigorous industry standard and can be trusted to be a real business &mdash; not a phishing site. <br /><br />By looking for this visual confirmation, consumers can avoid phishing site or other sites designed to steal sensitive information.<br /><br />Consumers are faced with multidimensional threats and therefore need multilayered solutions to address those threats. <br /><br />Comodo, through its group of security companies, provides free security solutions, including Comodo Firewall Pro, which prevents virus and trojans from getting into a PC; Comodo Memory Guardian, which stops most drive by download attacks; and Comodo BOClean, an anti-malware solution. <br /><br />Each of these solutions is delivered free to consumers without requiring any license, update or renewal fees. The Comodo security solutions are recognized as world-class by independent sources such as <em>PC Magazine</em> and <em>PC World</em>.<br /><br />”Internet security threats are rising at an alarming pace, and consumers are increasingly aware of the risks,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and chief security architect. “The Comodo companies present this set of advanced protection tools so consumers will have a simple and reliable way to protect themselves in all of their online interactions. Our goal is help consumers feel safe online, especially as the holiday season approaches.”

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