Comodo Expert to Speak at Workshop on Cryptography

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<strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; Aug. 6</strong><br />Comodo, a provider of identity and trust assurance management solutions, is pleased to announce that Dr. Colin Walter, head of cryptography at Comodo&#39;s Digital Trust Research Lab, will be presenting at the upcoming Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware & Embedded Systems 2008 in Washington from Aug. 10 to 13. <br /><br />Walter&#39;s speech, &ldquo;Recovering Secret Keys from Weak Side Channel Traces of Differing Lengths,&rdquo; will focus on the combined effect of standard software countermeasures to assess the minimum requirements for hardware countermeasures which lead to cryptographic key security.<br /><br />In the field of cryptography, side channel attacks are the exploitation of weaknesses in physical devices used to deploy cryptographic systems allowing the attacker to decrypt sensitive data, such as private keys. For example, minute variations in timing, power and electromagnetic radiation can be used to reconstruct the secret keys used by a smartcard or cryptographic token when performing authentication.<br /><br />In his paper, Walter studies combined effect of several software countermeasures to assess the minimum requirements for the hardware. This leads to security for the secret key. <br /><br />Walter has achieved international recognition in the design of hardware and algorithms for the implementation of RSA cryptography. A senior member of the IEEE, Colin is most well-known in the international community for his long-term research into Montgomery modular multiplication. A selection of his papers is available on the Comodo website at<br />

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