Comodo EV SSL Certificates and Firefox 3

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<p><strong>Jersey City, N.J. </strong><br />After more than 34 months of development, the Mozilla Developer Center recently released its newest edition of Firefox, version 3. This marks an important milestone in the widespread adoption of Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates as part of new browser security measures designed to protect 175 million Mozilla users from phishing sites. <br /><br />Comodo EV SSL Certificates and EV SSL Certificates from other certification authorities protect Internet visitors during online transactions because the green address bar shows users the site has been validated and is not fraudulent.<br /><br />Firefox currently has approximately 36 percent of the browser market, and with the latest release, the Mozilla Foundation announced that the enhancements to Firefox are largely related to improving security in online activities including: <br /></p><ul><li>One-click site info.</li><li>New SSL error pages. </li><li>Better downloading, including a progress indicator in the status bar and anti-virus checks. </li><li>Malware protection. </li><li>New Web Forgery Protection page. </li><li>Add-ons and plug-in version check. </li><li>Secure add-on updates. </li><li>Anti-virus integration. </li><li>Effective top-level domain (eTLD) service better restricts cookies and other restricted content to a single domain. </li><li>Better protection against cross-site JSON data leaks.</li></ul><p><br />High profile incidents of fraud and phishing scams have made Internet users wary of conducting online transactions. The introduction of EV SSL Certificates to the market, led by Comodo&#39;s CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu by founding the C/AB Forum (Certification Authority and Browsers), provides a new type of identity verification through the green visual indicator in the address bar. </p><p>This provides site visitors with information that confirms the e-merchant&#39;s verified identity through a rigorous and standardized authentication process. <br /><br />”Mitigating trust threats continue to be a top priority for Comodo because the Internet is still evolving,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and chief security architect of Comodo. </p><p>”Comodo is taking an active role in establishing the standards needed to protect people while they shop and interact online by driving a new level of accountability into all online transactions. EV SSL Certificates is a large part of that strategy, and now that Firefox is able to detect EV SSL Certificates, more online visitors will be protected than ever before.” <br /></p>

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