Comodo EasyVPN Helps Businesses Both Local and Global

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<p><strong>Jersey City, N.J.</strong><br />In today&#39;s globalized business environment, it often isn&#39;t convenient to house documents and files on just one PC. Some need constant editing by multiple workers, some require collaboration between peers separated by anywhere from 5 feet to 5,000 miles. Comodo is pleased to announce the release of <a href=" target="_blank">EasyVPN </a>for commercial use, software to make any business run smoother. <br /><br />EasyVPN is a way for users and businesses to simulate local LAN connections through the Web, using a virtual private network. For a limited time, commercial users of EasyVPN will be offered discount prices when purchasing multiple annual licenses.<br /><br />EasyVPN installs with just a few easy clicks. After installation, a few more clicks will easily create a network that friends and co-workers can join. Anyone who joins this network can then request other members to allow remote access to their PCs. Once that access is allowed, all members of a network will be able to easily and securely share the contents of their computers with each other. Comodo uses the industry standard of 128-bit encryption to ensure that outsiders can&#39;t spy on a private network.<br /><br />For businesses in particular, EasyVPN is a valuable tool with a wide array of uses. Workers can telecommute with ease by accessing their work PCs from home. For businesses that have multiple locations, installing EasyVPN means an employee in India can collaborate easily on spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and more with a fellow employee in the United States. It can also be used within one office to allow for easy document sharing. EasyVPN doesn&#39;t just allow users to look at the contents of another PC. It also allows for easy editing, so workers will be able to actually create and refine documents housed on other PCs.<br /><br />EasyVPN comes included with an encrypted instant messaging client that allows all members of a network to join together and talk in one chat box. Unlike other VPN products, EasyVPN does not limit the number of members who can join a given network.</p>

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