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<strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; Sept. 4</strong><br />Comodo CEO and Chief Information Architect Melih Abdulhayoglu of Comodo answered questions from Kerry Murdock of on his program &ldquo;eCommerce Conversations.&rdquo; Their conversation was recorded for a podcast available at, Comodo announced.<br /><br />Abdulhayoglu spoke about how enhancing computer security reassures online shoppers their information is safe. He urged e-merchants to adopt the sophisticated extended validation (EV) SSL technology, of which he was one of the first champions, to secure their Web sites. <br /><br />Abdulhayoglu commented that, although "we don&#39;t expect it overnight," Internet users will soon learn to respect and trust e-merchants with EV SSL certificates because of the closer scrutiny and verification these businesses must go through to obtain an EV SSL security. <br /><br />"One hundred percent security does not exist," Abdulhayoglu said, but the new EV SSL "really minimizes the risk. To fake the EV SSL sign is very difficult to do; it is built into the browser itself."<br /><br />More-expensive EV SSL technology is a good investment for e-merchants, he said. "Over a one-year period, if you can convert 10 people, you are in profit already." <br /><br />Abdulhayoglu is a founding member of the Certificate Authorities & Browsers (CAB) Forum, devising the standards for the EV SSL technology.<br />

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