Comodo Annouces Usertrust, Free Rating and Feedback Platform to Improve Business Results

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<strong>Jersey City, N.J. &mdash; Feb. 21</strong><br />Companies are evolving their marketing infrastructure to encompass what Gartner terms as Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM). This evolving technology and set of business practices enables centralized systems for the continual collection, management and use of customer feedback throughout the business. <br /><br />Comodo, a certification authority and security company announces UserTrust, a free platform for eMerchants to help them manage this critical and highly leverage-able business function. Launched earlier this year, the UserTrust feedback platform quickly has spread and now is helping hundreds of eMerchants create more trusted sites through active management of customer feedback.<br /><br />Gartner first created the term EFM in 2004, and it has since gained attention as the next generation of CRM-based business intelligence process. Organizations have begun to realize that greater efficiency can be achieved from leveraging customer feedback to optimize conversion of new customers, remediate negative customer experiences and provide important learning for eMerchants on areas in which they can improve. Comodo UserTrust is the only provider of a free feedback technology platform that can span the broad continuum of customer feedback management. UserTrust allows eMerchants to:<br /><br /><ul><li>Capture customer feedback for analysis and future promotional opportunities. </li><li>Manage negative feedback to improve business results. </li><li>Mine data for service or solution gaps to generate more loyal customers. </li><li>Create viral marketing conversion campaigns to attract new customers through endorsements from existing satisfied customers, (e.g. tell-a-friend program).</li></ul><br />UserTrust gives online businesses a clearer picture of an eMerchant&#39;s key constituents, what motivates them, and how customers can be better served, thus improving results across the entire organization.<br /><br /><strong>Easy Integration, Easy Management and a New Usertrust Site Seal</strong><br />Comodo&#39;s UserTrust platform provides an easy-to-use Web-based management portal that allows eMerchants capitalize on creating more trust through customer feedback. EMerchants participating in this no-cost program will receive a free site seal, providing confirmation of their participation in UserTrust. <br /><br />With UserTrust, eMerchants incrementally can improve business performance through a deep understanding of customer requirements that emerge through this type of platform. Built on proven technology, the UserTrust Feedback platform, scales from one user to thousands as needs evolve and includes: <br /><br /><ul><li><strong>Customer feedback.</strong> Feedback from a single user to thousands can be captured and analyzed to holistically inspire stronger relationships and greater loyalty. </li><li><strong>Management portal.</strong> Reporting features allow deep analysis of feedback, optimizing ability to respond in real-time to changing business and market conditions. </li><li><strong>Sophisticated remediation engine.</strong> Create winback programs to transform existing, negative customer relationships into positive and potentially profitable ones. </li></ul><br />"We believe that with both businesses and consumers utilizing this platform, we can improve the Internet," Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and chief security architect of Comodo, said. "We can weed out bad eMerchants, reward good ones and have a better user experience on the Internet once they are armed with information. UserTrust is free, and importantly, consumers will believe in its objectivity because UserTrust is delivered by an organization that consumers have come to trust." <br />

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