IT community gathers for Interop conference and expo in NYC

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Maybe something like this has happened where you work:  A couple of times a year, one of the IT guys, or possibly a coworker who’s particularly jazzed about technology, phones in sick for several days, or perhaps mentions something about heading out of the office for a brief career development sabbatical. There are too many possible destinations to list, but one of the cooler places for tech geeks to slip away and get abreast of some of the latest advances in technology — as well as talk shop with like-minded IT aficionados and maybe even dip into some tech education — is Interop, an independent conference and expo held five times a year at spots around the globe.

The Interop tech conference begins in New York Sept. 29Three of the Interop events are outside the United States, in Tokyo, Mumbai and London. The flagship Interop conference is held in Las Vegas, typically in April or May. The final Interop gathering of each year is in New York, where the 2014 event kicked off this morning with a workshop breakfast, followed by the immediate commencement of focused workshop events, some lasting three hours and other blocked out for an entire day. CertMag is in New York to get a piece of the action first-hand, so be watching for our in-conference tweets.

The first-day workshops included two day-long sessions, one covering”Hands-On Web Application Penetration Testing,” and another digging into “BYOD: Why and How It Should Embrace Mobility.” Shorter, less commitment-intensive sessions ran in three hours blocks and addressed such hot-button concerns as “Managing Applications in a Hybrid Cloud World,” “Internet of Things Summit,” “Making Cloud Storage Work for Your Organization” and “Creative Leadership.”

The workshop load continues straight on through Friday, with cloud computing being a strongly recurring theme. (A detailed agenda covering presentation topics and speakers is available online.) That’s only half the fun of Interop New York, however, which also invites attendees to be razzled and dazzled by technology innovations at its two-day expo, Thursday and Friday, with more than 125 exhibitors on hand. Exhibitors offer in-depth product expos, as well as being available for “speed networking” (which kinda sounds like the dating thing where single people get together and then plow through 24 5-minute first dates in two hours).

There are also keynote addresses throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday, with an impressive slate of tech executives topped by Saturday Night Live maven and late-night talk show host Seth Meyers, to give the lineup a distinctly Big Apple kick. Meyers. who speaking Wednesday morning, doesn’t have an announced topic, but he’s Seth Meyers. He could probably do the whole thing off the top of his head and be informative and entertaining at the same time.

Unlike a great many tech conferences, Interop is not an outgrowth of one the major technology vendors. UBM Tech, which organizes the international roster of Interop events, is a subsidiary of global media and information conglomerate UBM.

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