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This industry is all about communications, in all its forms. Clients communicate problems, you communicate results. Systems manage communications, you manage communications systems. Data is transmitted, reports are generated, results are studied, solutions are distributed. It’s an endless cycle of communications, with the IT professional at the hub.


So, you’re the kings and queens of communication. The logical next step then is to make sure you have a place to hold court, to communicate your thoughts. This month, I’d like to tell you about a couple such places.


One shouldn’t be a surprise to you, since I introduced it in a previous column: We’ve launched a community discussion forum on the Web site, and already IT professionals are turning out to chat about industry issues, tips and tricks, and problems and solutions.

This next one is a newer solution, and I know you’ll enjoy taking part in this one. On Jan. 25, Certification Magazine editors will be live on the Interwise Enterprise Communications Platform, conducting an e-Seminar on the annual CertMag Salary Survey. This is an open, real-time forum that’ll give you the chance to hear some analysis of the 2005 Salary Survey results and add your thoughts to the conversation.

Hopefully, by now you’ve had a chance to read the annual Salary Survey articles, which were published with the December issue of CertMag. No worries if you missed that; you can find the article online at Let me recap some quick highlights, to get your conversational juices flowing:



  • In a survey of 35,167 IT professionals in 170 countries, we found the average IT salary was $71,100, up from the previous year’s average of $67,000. Is your salary on par and climbing accordingly?
  • Information security and storage are the two hottest IT specialties, in terms of pay. This year’s top-paying certification program brought security experts a six-figure salary of nearly $117,000. How long can security and storage support such noteworthy rewards?
  • Less than half of you are concerned about offshoring and outsourcing of U.S. IT jobs. Only a very minor percentage report being personally affected.
  • Certifications are definitely linked to career advancement and knowledge improvement. So why are so many of you taking the brain-dump shortcuts?


See? There is a lot of conversational fodder.


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