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We’ve been talking about the leg work required before you make any significant career changes. In other words, formulating the plan and exploring all options before you take action to avoid misplaced resources such as time, money and emotion.


While you are carefully sifting through your choices, you may feel anxious to make a move, to take some definitive action. If so, joining an association or some kind of IT discussion forum might be a good way for you to commune with like-minded IT pros and relieve that anxiety. There are literally dozens of professional IT organizations you can join, such as CompTIA, to name one well-known group, and most have a bevy of resources you can tap, making membership a painless way to get firsthand information from people in the field and get access to resources that may shed light on your personal situation. also has many forums where you can chat and discuss the IT industry for free.


The in-between time where you perhaps challenge your current career situation or explore it for advancement, learning and/or certification opportunities doesn’t have to be dull or cause anxiety. If it does, a forum or an association where you can interact with your peers is probably a good situation to be in; you can hobnob with supportive individuals who probably won’t mind shedding a pearl of wisdom or two on you. Many of them have been exactly where you are.


Someone once said (and I couldn’t tell you who) that there are many paths to enlightenment, and that you can benefit by relaxing and considering all the possibilities. As you expand your mind, consider the options available to you and gather information, be sure to chill out so that when career lightning strikes, you are in the right frame of mind to choose a path that best serves your needs. Talking to someone, even casually online, can be an effective way to ease stress and relax a little.

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