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<strong>Minneapolis &mdash; Feb. 7</strong><br />WEDDLE&#39;s, the largest publisher of print guides to job boards, announced the winners of its 2008 User&#39;s Choice Awards. The only college job board to receive the award was, a job board for college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities. These awards are the only recognition in the $6-plus billion global online employment services industry where actual users such as job seekers, employers and recruiters get to pick the winners.<br /><br />”In today&#39;s challenging job market, it&#39;s important to know the All Stars of the job board community,” said WEDDLE&#39;s Publisher Peter Weddle. “That&#39;s what these 2008 User&#39;s Choice Awards winners represent. Equally as important, they haven&#39;t been selected by a panel of pundits, but by the working men and women who use those sites to find jobs and hire new employees.”<br /><br />”We&#39;re truly honored to have been selected from so many sites and so many high quality sites,” said founder Steven Rothberg. “In every nation and every niche, there are truly outstanding job boards serving the needs of job seekers, employers and recruiters. To be recognized as one of the best of the best is a real testament to the skill and hard work of our team and the passion of our many users.”<br /><br />According to Weddle&#39;s, there are now more than 80,000 employment-related job boards, half of which operate in the U.S. and half elsewhere around the world. The job-board sites include stand-alone enterprises such as and sites affiliated with newspapers and trade publications, professional associations and societies, college and trade school alumni organizations, radio and television stations and a wide array of affinity groups. Like the Zagat restaurant guides, WEDDLE&#39;s publications and its annual User&#39;s Choice Awards help consumers make smart selections among all of those options.<br /><br />Each year, the public is invited to visit the WEDDLE&#39;s Web site and cast their ballots for their favorite job boards. The 30 sites with the most votes at the end of the year are declared the User&#39;s Choice Award winners. While clearly not a scientific survey, the poll does reflect the intensity of support sites enjoy among job seekers, employers and recruiters alike. A person has to take the time and make the effort to participate in the balloting, so those that do feel strongly about the sites they select. <br />

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